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OpenOtherEnd Watch

Image of Open Other End Watch

$AUD 160.00

Published by Artikel Editionen, Berlin, 2008 Edition of 100, signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: the watch face is 35mm wide (standard unisex) Price: $160 Australian including applicable tax and airmail postage anywhere. (equals 99 euro, £ 90, US$ 165 approx.)

A high-quality watch, reliable and accurate with leather strap. Battery included. Presented in a round metal tin with screen-printed lid. This is a limited edition multiple, both practical and very collectable.

Artist's Statement

Openotherend was designed a decade before computers were suddenly everywhere, in about 1978. When I first thought of this word work, I drew it with a pencil as letters in a circle. First it was made as a granite doorstop, using a core of granite, with the letters engraved and finished with goldleaf in the monumental tradition. The next time it appeared was as a letterpress print, with handset type by Petr Herel. This is the typeface used for the design ever since. Then Openotherend became a T-shirt for the Biennale of Sydney in 1992. In 1999 it became a clock, with screenprinted image on aluminium. It took thirty years to translate from granite into becoming a watch in 2008 thanks to Peter Fabian at Artikel Editionen.

    P E N
        N O
        N O T
          O T H E R
            T H E R E
              H E R E
              H E R
                  R E N D
                    E N D
                        D O
                        D O P E
                          O P E N

                            P E N
Test Image

Openotherend clock, Artikel Editionen. Berlin 1999 – edition of 300.

A few clocks are still available.