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Subvert I Sing

Subvert I Sing - Book Cover

$AUD 25.00

Subvert I Sing Richard Tipping

Published by Redfox Press in Ireland (2008), a 40 page hardback of A6 size, with colour laser prints, hardbound. A pocket book of subvertising.

ISBN 978-1-906556-01-3

Price: 15 euro / 20 US $ / 13 UK Sterling / 25 Australian $

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Available direct from Redfox Press www.redfoxpress.com/dada-tipping.html or for the same price through Artpoem

Subvert I Sing is one of a series called C’est mon dada (translates as “It’s my favourite toy”) from Redfox Press in County Mayo.

C’est mon dada is a collection of small artists' books dedicated to experimental, concrete and visual poetry, or any work combining text and visual arts in the spirit of dadaism or fluxus.

A6 format (10.5x15 cm / 4 x 6") - 40 pages hardcover, with thread and quarter cloth binding, laser printing on ivory paper. Other artistbooks in the series include Alec Finlay, Pierre Garnier, Clemente Padin, Anna Banana, Richard Kostelanetz and many more

Subvert I Sing - Sample - Caution & Go